About us

Pixward is a team of professionals in the field of CG graphics and animation.

Our team is a symbiosis of experience in creating graphics for gaming, multimedia products and technical equipment that allows us to solve various problems of our clients. The geography of our work is the whole world, and our current portfolio includes more than 60 projects of varying complexity for clients of different profiles — from small startups to studios working on AAA game products and films.
For over 8 years, we have been creating graphics and animation for computer games, virtual reality, interactive, mobile and augmented reality applications.

Based on our own experience, we have developed approaches that take into account the peculiarities of developing graphics for various products.


Environment Design

Characters & Environment Creation

Concept Art & Illustrations

Cutting Edge Workflows & Tools

Architectural Visualisation

PC and Standalone Development

Full Cycle Content Production

Characters & Props

Animations & VFX

Camera Matching & Tracking

Unreal Engine Workflow

Core Team



Vadim is the engine of our team. His passion is to apply the latest technologies and inspire our team to grow up.



Michael controls project's progress at every stage. His mission is to achieve best results in the most optimal way.


Art Director

The creative center of our team. Kamila is responsible for the visual style of all our projects and works.



The tech brain of our team. Vlad's favorite challenge is finding solutions to complex technical problems.


CGI Lead

Creativity, punctuality and systematization. These three qualities characterize Alex best of all.